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Deborah A. Levinson

Deborah A. Levinson, agraduate of the MIT Program in Writing and HumanisticStudies, is a design lead at Art Technology Group,Inc.

Titles by This Author

Most books on Web design focus on the appearance of the finished product and pay little attention to the ideas and processes involved in intelligent interactive design. This book is based on the premise that the principles that have defined good communication design in the past apply equally well to the Web. The basic process is one of defining the purpose, audience, and style appropriate to one's objectives. Another premise is that effective Web site design is an inherently collaborative process requiring not only technical skills but more traditional written and oral communication skills. Hence, this book stresses a social, process-oriented approach both to design and to classroom instruction.

The book covers all aspects of teaching Web design, from optimal class size and classroom configuration to peer review of completed projects. It is written in an accessible style and uses many examples from the Web design course taught by the authors at MIT.