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Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Professor and former Dean of the School of Labor and Employment Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, is an expert on workplace innovation and served as a consultant to the UAW and the Ford Motor Company for twenty-three years.

Titles by This Author

Pivotal Events in Valuing Work and Delivering Results

In 2009, the Ford Motor Company was the only one of the Big Three automakers not to take the federal bailout package. How did Ford remain standing when its competitors were brought to their knees? It was a gutsy decision, but it didn’t happen in isolation. The United Auto Workers joined with Ford to make this possible—not only in 2009, but in a series of more than fifty pivotal events during three decades that add up to a transformation that simultaneously values work and delivers results.