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R. Roger Remington

R. Roger Remington considers himself primarily a teacher who has critical interests in design studies (graphic design history, theory and methods), research, writing and graphic design practice. Since 1982 he has been engaged in the research, interpretation, and preservation of the history of graphic design. He has cochaired two major symposia on graphic design history and written a book, Nine Pioneers in American Graphic Design, for The MIT Press. His second book, Lester Beall: Trailblazer of American Graphic Design was published in July of 1996 by W.W. Norton. Presently he is working on a book, A New Unity: Modernism in American Graphic Design:1930-1950forLaurenceKingPublishers in London. The Graphic Design Archive at RIT, which he developed, involves preserving and interpreting the original source materials of 16 design pioneers such as Lester Beall, Will Burtin, Cipe Pineles, William Golden and Alvin Lustig among others. In 1999 his design history course on 20th Century Information Design is targeted at on-line learners. Presently he is developing a new course on “Women Pioneers in American Graphic Design.”