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Yasmin B. Kafai

Yasmin B. Kafai is a Professor of Learning Sciences at the Graduate School of Education at University of Pennsylvania. Her research has focused on children's learning as players and designers of educational software, video games, and virtual worlds. She has published Minds in Play (1995) and edited Constructionism in Practice (with Mitchel Resnick, 1996). She lives, plays, and works in Philadelphia.

Titles by This Author

Tweens in a Virtual World

Millions of children visit virtual worlds every day. In such virtual play spaces as Habbo Hotel, Toontown, and Whyville, kids chat with friends from school, meet new people, construct avatars, and earn and spend virtual currency. In Connected Play, Yasmin Kafai and Deborah Fields investigate what happens when kids play in virtual worlds, how this matters for their offline lives, and what this means for the design of educational opportunities in digital worlds.

Titles by This Editor

New Perspectives on Gender and Gaming

Ten years after the groundbreaking From Barbie to Mortal Kombat highlighted the ways gender stereotyping and related social and economic issues permeate digital game play, the number of women and girl gamers has risen considerably. Despite this, gender disparities remain in gaming. Women may be warriors in World of Warcraft, but they are also scantily clad "booth babes" whose sex appeal is used to promote games at trade shows.