Airport Economic Planning

Edited by George P. Howard




This book, ranging in content from the determination of demand for airport facilities to final considerations of economic and environmental costs and benefits, is intended as a compendium of the data and concepts that have helped significantly to shape the development of airport systems since World War II. A combination of theoretical and “how-to” material, it brings together many valuable articles and speeches dealing with the technical operations of airport economics and finance.

The book's order follows the general course of economic planning, with its contents proceeding from the determination of demand, the translation of demand into airport facility requirements, to revenue generation, cost accounting and control, to financing, and to the consideration of economic and environmental costs and benefits. Though the organization of the book is thus continuous, readers with a special interest will find that individual chapters—for example, those on capital financing—will stand by themselves.

There are few references available that are both current and comprehensive for students and planners of airport economics, and part of the value of this book is that it has collected many of the best articles and discussions of the subject into one coherent and convenient volume. That, together with the richness of the experience represented here, should make this book invaluable to students and planners alike.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262080729 638 pp. |


George P. Howard