Crystals and Crystal Growing

Crystals and Crystal Growing

By Alan Holden and Phylis Morrison





This clearly illustrated explanation of the basic principles of crystals may be used as a text or supplementary sourcebook by high-school students (for which it was originally written), students at the junior college or undergraduate level, or the general reader with an interest in science.


$29.95 T ISBN: 9780262580502 350 pp. | 5.25 in x 8 in


  • An excellent introduction to crystallography (and, incidentally, to much basic physics) written in plain language, this is the obvious book to turn 'rock hounds' (adult or teenaged) to a fuller understanding of the background of their hobby and to a greater enjoyment of an amateur interest in geology. The text is supplemented by descriptions of simple (and cheap!) experiments and suggestions for additional reading.

    Library Journal

  • This work is a 'fascinating discussion of the strange ways in which solids form, an excellent hobby book describing ways of growing crystals, and a lucid, penetrating introduction to solid state physics. It can be read on any of these levels; or ideally, on all...[the book] should prove a delight to all readers.