The Nature Of Metals

By Bruce A. Rogers




This is a unique book on metallurgy – it is not addressed to experts. It is intended to treat the nature and behavior of metals for the benefits of a wide variety of readers from the high school level on up who are interested in expanding their scientific and technical knowledge. A clear, concise introduction to the subject, the book explains the distinction between metals and nonmetals, the differences between metals and alloys, the significance of the Periodic Table, the internal structure of metals and alloys, and the effects of temperature and radiation on various metals. Modern metallurgical discoveries and concepts are discussed – the fissionable metals and their distinctive properties, theories of vacant atom sites, ideas on deformation and edge and screw dislocations. Alloy diagrams, numerous graphs, photographs of models, and unusual high-magnification photomicrographs enhance and clarify and excellent text.


Out of Print ISBN: 9780262680059 324 pp. |