Nuclear Choices, Revised Edition

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Nuclear Choices, Revised Edition

A Citizen's Guide to Nuclear Technology

By Richard Wolfson





The benefits of nuclear technology are real. So are the dangers. In Nuclear Choices, physicist Richard Wolfson provides the background needed to make informed choices about nuclear technologies, introducing concepts that can be used for evaluating the claims of both proponents and opponents. Wolfson clearly and concisely explains the basics of nuclear energy, radiation, and nuclear power (electricity, reactors, nuclear waste, and alternatives to nuclear fission). For this edition he has completely revised the chapter on nuclear weapons (their history, technology, effects, delivery systems, strategy, and control). Readers are encouraged to make their own judgments on controversial nuclear issues.


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  • An invaluable resource for readers who wish to make informed decisions of their own.

    Science News


  • A real addition to the growing body of literature on nuclear issues, this highly reliable and sensitive guide is recommended for scholars, activists, and citizens seeking to understand a complex set of issues too often 'left to the experts.'

    Library Journal

  • Wolfson's book is exceptionally well-written. The prose has a force and vigor that one rarely finds in textbooks or scholarly monographs. The explanations of basic physics strike this layman as clear and readily accessible to 'non-science' students. Finally, Wolfson takes considerable pains to present controversial issues in a carefully balanced fashion, showing that they are often far more complex, far more beset by ambiguity and uncertainty, than fervent pro- and anti-nuclear activists would have us think.

    J. Ronald Spencer

    Associate Academic Dean Trinity College