Post-Pop Art

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Post-Pop Art

Edited by Paul Taylor




Post Pop Art brings together critical essays about American British, and Continental Pop Art written by some of the leading theorists of our time. From Guy Debord's proto-Pop Situationist manifesto of 1950 to a late reflection by Roland Barthes, and two arguments about Pop by the influential philosopher Jean Baudrillard, Post-Pop Art provides a timely retrospective look at the complex origins and contemporary manifestations of Pop Art. Post Pop Art also looks at the classic period of Pop Art from a 1980s perspective and discusses its relevance to Punk and New Wave music, artistic appropriation, and the post Pop movements of today. "That critics can still find in Pop a model for political debate is only one of the multitude of paradoxes that abound in this seemingly most impassive and celebratory of art movements," writes Paul Taylor. Also included in the book are essays by Dan Graham on Punk, the full text of a famous essay by Dick Hebdige, "In Poor Taste," and two essays by Americans David Dietcher and Mary Anne Staniszewski written after Andy Warhol's death.

Taylor has curated several exhibitions on Pop Art and is editor of Impresario: Malcolm McLaren and the British New Wave. Post­Pop Art is a Flash Art Book.


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Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor, an art critic in New York is the founding editor and publisher of Art & Text magazine.