The Probabilistic Revolution, Volume 2

The Probabilistic Revolution, Volume 2

Ideas in the Sciences

Edited by Lorenz Krüger, Gerd Gigerenzer and Mary S Morgan





ISBN: 9780262111195 480 pp. | 6 in x 9 in


$55.00 X ISBN: 9780262610636 480 pp. | 6 in x 9 in


Lorenz Krüger

Lorenz Krüger is a philosopher of science at Göttingen University.

Gerd Gigerenzer

Gerd Gigerenzer is Director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin and Partner in Simply Rational—The Institute for Decisions. He is the author of Calculated Risks, among other books, and the coeditor of Bounded Rationality: The Adaptive Toolbox and Heuristics and the Law, both published by the MIT Press.

Mary S Morgan

Mary S. Morgan is an economist at York University.


  • I can think of no other comparable work that comes even close to covering the same important material in the history of science and philosophy.

    Patrick Suppes

    Stanford University

  • These two volumes come close to the best that can be achieved on the topics and the period covered. They contain a mine of historical and philosophical material. You can dip in almost anywhere and be interested.