The Right Way to Hire Financial Help, Second Edition

The Right Way to Hire Financial Help, Second Edition

A Complete Guide to Choosing and Managing Brokers, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Lawyers, Tax Preparers, Bankers, and Real Estate Agents

By Charles A. Jaffe

Detailed, practical advice on hiring financial advisers.





Detailed, practical advice on hiring financial advisers.

Hiring financial help is a task that many otherwise savvy people approach the wrong way, opting to go on recommendations from family and friends, chance encounters, or advertisements rather than on sound research. In engaging, accessible prose, nationally syndicated columnist Charles A. Jaffe takes the reader through the basics of how to locate appropriate candidates, understand their credentials, check references, conduct initial interviews, maintain control of the relationships and one's finances, and fire an adviser who is not working out. The book contains guidance on hiring and checking the backgrounds of seven types of advisers—brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, lawyers, tax preparers, bankers, and real estate agents—as well as specific questions to ask to determine whether an adviser is a good, qualified match. In addition the book offers guidance on how to help the advisers function as a team. The author's aim is to help the reader assemble and manage a pool of advisers to serve every major financial need for the rest of his or her lifetime. This new edition has been updated throughout. It includes, hundreds of Web addresses and an online resources directory. Two new chapters discuss online advice services and how to choose an online broker.


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  • There are few books that could have a greater impact on your personal financial well-being than this one. Do read it if you are at all serious about making sure that you realize your financial goals.

    Robert Powell

    Editor-in-Chief, DALBAR, Inc.

  • Chuck Jaffe expertly guides the reader through the jungles of financial services. Consumers will find this book valuable in selecting and working with their advisors.

    David E. Shellenberger

    Investors' Rights Attorney

  • The Right Way to Hire Financial Help goes where no other personal finance book has gone before. Chuck Jaffe offers solid, no-nonsense advice that can help people save—and even make—a bundle. Don't even think twice about hiring a financial professional until you've read this book.

    Gerri Detweiler

    financial author and former director of the National Council of Individual Investors

  • Most investors know they need help with their investments, they just don't know where to find it. Who can you trust? How do you know you won't betaken advantage of? The choices are daunting. Thankfully, Charles A. Jaffe's The Right Way to Hire Financial Help offers investors the help theyneed. From taxes to insurance, this book has all you need to make informeddecisions about the people you hire to help you map your financial future.

    Don Phillips

    CEO, Morningstar, Inc.