Allan W. Johnstone

Allan Johnstone was an executive with Chrysler International and, after returning to the U.S., became the International Vice Presidents for Berol Corporation, Midas, and Brunswick Corporation.

  • United States Direct Investment in France

    United States Direct Investment in France

    An Investigation of the French Charges

    Allan W. Johnstone

    The atmosphere for furtber extension of U.S. economic influence in France bas become increasingly inhospitable; French officials have freely admitted their concern and have made proposals to their fellow members in tbe European Economic Community for control of foreign investment.

    The purpose of this book is to weigh the evidence supporting the French charges that American companies are exercising excesive management control of their French subsidiaries, often in a manner inimical to legitiluate French national interests, and to provide an understanding of Gallic attitudes toward and capabilities for regulating U.S. investment in France. The events provoking French reaction are reviewed and the dimensions of U.S. direct investment are examined, based on studies of twenty-four large American companies with French snbsidiaries. The vulnerability of foreign investment to new French regulation is also considered. The author has skillfully worked through a number of conventional prejudices to arrive at his conclusions, and from these conclusions he anticipates the future policies of the French Government with respect to U.S. direct investment.

    This timely book should be of particular value to economists, businessmen, and all those involved in American investment abroad. Anyone concerned with the current problems of foreign trade will be interested in this volume.

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