André Lwoff

André Lwoff was awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for his work on the genetic regulation and the synthesis with enzymes and virus.

  • Biological Order, Revised Edition

    André Lwoff

    “I decided that these [lectures] would be directed toward the young physicists and chemists with a very specific goal, namely, to interest them in biological problems.” – André Lwoff.

    André Lwoff, head of the department of microbial physiology at the Institute Pasteur in Paris and professor at the Sorbonne, in this book offers a concise explanation of biological order as a whole – its structures, its regulating mechanisms, the control of biosynthesis both I normal and pathological molecules, and viral developments. He is concerned primarily with the nature of the organization which binds together the large molecules that compromise and organism, and impresses on them the characterizes of living entities. His treatment of biological order at the molecular level inside the living cells answers many basic questions about how molecules communicate and interact, and how an organism controls and adjusts its molecular balance.

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