David B. Montgomery

David Montgomery is the Sebastian S. Kresge Professor of Marketing Emeritus at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Stochastic Models of Buying Behavior

    William F. Massy, David B. Montgomery, and Donald G. Morrison

    This is the first book on stochastic models of consumer buying behavior, and indeed one of relatively few books dealing with an original contribution to research for marketing management (as opposed to textbooks) published to date. The purpose of the book is to present an integrated treatment pf the author's research on the title subject. Including the 15% or so of material discussing the work of others in the field, and one chapter on statistical methodology, the book covers almost all aspects of the field of stochastic process models of buyer behavior as it is known today. Thus the book is intensive, in that it covers both the theoretical and empirical aspects of the author's models in detail, and extensive, in that it provides a comprehensive treatment of the general subject.

    While all essential concepts of stochastic process and estimation theory are developed in the body of the work, prior knowledge of mathematics through calculus and matrix algebra is assumed. However, every effort has been made to write for the practicing management scientist as well as the academic specialist.

    The approach of the book is to develop, in order, the theory of successively more refined stochastic models of buyer behavior. We begin with the heterogeneous Bernoulli model and then extend the treatment to a class of heterogeneous Markov processes. The next two chapters deal with independent and contagious probability diffusion processes for explaining time changes in market shares. The linear learning model is considered in the next chapter. The treatment then shifts to stochastic market penetration models, of which several different varieties are explored. Empirical results from marketing applications are provided for nearly all the models. Separate chapters on parameter estimation procedures and ways in which the models may be applied to management problems are provided early in the book.

    Many of the models and empirical results presented in the book have never been published before, and others have received only limited attention. The general approach to stochastic model development and testing will serve to put rather extensive but scattered literature on stochastic marketing models on a common footing. Finally, many of the models developed in the book should find applications in other branches of social science, such as sociology or political science.

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