James Richards

  • James Richards

    James Richards

    Requests and Antisongs

    Mason Leaver-Yap and James Richards

    Requests and Antisongs is an artist's book to accompany a sequence of exhibitions by James Richards held at Bergen Kunsthall, Norway; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; and the Kestner Gesellschaft, Hanover. The book contains a series of visual essays by the artist, documentation of recent exhibitions, as well as essays by Dan Fox, Ed Atkins, Steve Reinke, Chris McCormack, and Fatima Hellberg.

    In Richards's work, images and sounds are merged into highly affective videos that combine footage from a wide range of sources to form elegant compositions. His recent projects separate these elements out again, allowing space for multichannel audio installations that combine sound in a way that is physical and spatial. The video works convene materials according to the silent rhythms and movements of the footage they contain—footage from newscasts, medical documentaries, and French erotica as well as the institutions' own archives of video documentation—composing a lyrical meditation on the body as a site for the flow of material and sensation.

    This book, the most significant publication on Richards's work to date, is an extension of the shows, transposing the strategies of his exhibition making into the rhythm of printed matter. The artist has developed a new series of collages specially for the book, comprising promiscuous relations and dissonant juxtapositions between photographic documentation of the works in the exhibitions, the artist's personal photographs, and found images.

    Copublished with Bergen Kunsthall; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover

    ContributorsEd Atkins, Dan Fox, Fatima Hellberg, Chris McCormack, Steve Reinke

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  • Leslie Thornton

    Leslie Thornton

    Natalie Bell, Dan Kidner, and Milan Ther

    The first monograph on important artist and filmmaker Leslie Thornton offers essential, foundational scholarship on her influential work.

    Produced on the occasion of Leslie Thornton's major solo exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts Center as well as a recent solo exhibition at Kunstverein Nurnberg, this richly illustrated volume is the first monograph on this important artist and filmmaker, offering essential, foundational scholarship on Thornton's influential work in film and video.

    Thornton's early encounters with experimental, structuralist, and cinéma vérité traditions fueled her iconoclastic take on the moving image and gave shape to her practice of weaving together her own footage and voice with archival film and audio. In part through her forceful and dynamic use of sound, Thornton exposes the limits of language and vision in her works, while acknowledging the ways that language and vision nevertheless remain central to scientific discourse and narrative in general. Her work consistently interrogates modes of representation and the violence of looking, pushing beyond critiques of the gaze to consider biases in perception, or the way voice and sound can undermine an otherwise dominant visual narrative.

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