Mark Pilkington

Mark Pilkington founded Strange Attractor in 2001 and the Press in 2004. He is the author of 'Mirage Men' (2010), which was made into a feature documentary film in 2013, and 'Far Out: 101 Strange Tales from Science's Outer Edge' (2007). His writing has appeared in publications including Fortean Times (where he was a contributing editor) The Guardian, Frieze, Boing Boing, Sight and Sound, the Wire and various anthologies and catalogues. Mark is also half of the experimental synthesiser musical duo Teleplasmiste.

  • Strange Attractor Journal Five

    Strange Attractor Journal Five

    Mark Pilkington and Jamie Sutcliffe

    The return of the Strange Attractor Journal, offering a characteristically eclectic collection of high weirdness from the margins of culture.

    After seven years of silence, the acclaimed Strange Attractor Journal returns with a characteristically eclectic collection of high weirdness from the margins of culture. Covering previously uncharted regions of history, anthropology, art, literature, architecture, science, and magic since 2004, each Journal has presented new and unprecedented research into areas that scholarship has all too often ignored.

    Featuring essays from academics, artists, enthusiasts, and sorcerers, Journal Five explores matters including the folklore of foghorns; the occult origins of the dissident surrealist secret society the Acéphale; the pleasures of heathen falconry; the dark cosmological mysteries of Bremen's Haus Atlantis; a provisional taxonomy of animals with human faces; a twentieth-century crucifixion on Hampstead Heath, and an unpublished horror script by David MacGillivray and Ken Hollings.

    Journal Five sees Strange Attractor continuing in its mission to celebrate unpopular culture.

    Join us.

    • Paperback $21.95
  • Strange Attractor Journal Four

    Strange Attractor Journal Four

    Mark Pilkington

    The eagerly awaited fourth edition of the acclaimed anthology series.

    From Haiti and Hong Kong to the fourth dimension and beyond: discover the secrets of madness in animals; voodoo soul and dub music; ancient peacock deities; Chinese poisoning cults; the history of spider silk weaving; heathen mugwort magic; sentient lightning; Jesuit conspiracy theories; junkie explorers; Dali's Atlantis; the resurgence of Pan (in London's Crouch End); anarchist pirates on Madagascar; an ancient Greek Rip Van Winkle; French anatomical waxworks; Arthur Machen's forgotten tales and the full text of Alan Moore's unfinished John Dee opera.

    Contributors Richard Barnett, Mark Blacklock, John Cussans, Erik Davis, Paul Devereux, Roger Dobson, Joanna Ebenstein, Stephen Grasso, Gyrus, Ken Hollings, Mike Jay, Phil Legard, David Luke, Eleanor Morgan, Alan Moore, Steve Moore, Michael Neve, Andy Sharp, Robert Wallis, Sean Walsh

    Artwork by Joel Biroco, Julian House, Phil Legard, Eleanor Morgan, Arik Roper & Nathalie Tayton.

    • Paperback $20.95
  • Strange Attractor Journal Three

    Strange Attractor Journal Three

    Mark Pilkington

    A third helping of high strangeness from the acclaimed Strange Attractor anthology series.

    Contents Contra Genesis – Catherine Eisner Unusual cases of extra-genital conception, extra-uterine gestation, and other anomalous exits

    Burmese Daze – Erik Davis In which the author submits to the pleasures of a transgender spirit possession festival

    Adventures in the Fourth Dimension – Mike Jay A Victorian time machine and history's first theme park ride

    Ego in Exotica Sum – Ken Hollings In memoriam Martin Denny, crown prince of the exotica sound

    A Psychoactive Bestiary – Richard Rudgley The joy of zootoxins, from the ant to the giraffe

    Liberté, Légalité, Éternité – David Luke Some notes on psychonautic misadventures in time

    Kandinsky's Thought Forms – Gary Lachman The occult roots of modern art

    Magic Words – Steve Moore Virgil the Necromancer in mediæval legend

    Abu'l-Qasim al-Iraqi – Robert Irwin 12th century Arab alchemists on the edge of knowledge

    The Electrochemical Glass – Richard Brown A slow-evolving artwork from a living alchemist

    The Man Behind the Screen – David Rothenberg Hans Christian Andersen's greatest and least-known work

    The Mole of Edge Hill – John Reppion Joseph Williamson, Liverpool's tunnelling philanthropist

    La Maison de Poupées – Robert Ansell A photographic study of a magnificent compulsion

    The Dirty Thirties Alexis Lykiard From Arthur Koestler's Encyclopædia of Sexual Knowledge

    Paint it Black – Stewart Home Autohagiography of an artist

    Redonda and Her Kings – Roger Dobson The island life of early science fiction author MP Shiel

    Magic in Paris – Phil Baker Demons of the opium den in Thirties Paris

    The Dark Man's Dreams Doug Skinner An introduction to Xavier Forneret, Surrealism's lost poet

    Ghosts: A short Story by Lady Vervaine

    Plus original artworks by Alison Gill, Josephine Harvatt, Betsy Heistand, Katie Owens, Arik Roper.

    • Paperback $18.95
  • Strange Attractor Journal Two

    Strange Attractor Journal Two

    Mark Pilkington

    A second helping of high strangeness from the acclaimed Strange Attractor anthology series.

    Contents My Travels with Münchausen Richard Burdett In which the author deceives his friends on an adventure of the mind

    Enter the Jaguar Mike Jay Digging up the ancient psychedelic temple cults of Peru's Chavínde Huantar

    School for Shamans JasonLouv Our intrepid young author braves Maoist rebels and astral collapse to learn the secrets of Nepalese sorcery

    The Temple at the End of Time John Rowe Jerusalem's Temple Mount and its role in all our ends

    Haunts of the Halifax Slasher Tim Chapman A gentlemanly tour of the city's dark past

    Admiral Byrd, Atlantis & the Hollow Earth Theo Paijmans A letter, a legend and a flight beyond the poles

    Under Petticoat Rule An anonymous manuscript reveals one boy's restrictive upbringing.Introduction by Peter Farrer & Cathy Ward

    An Animist Manifesto Graham Harvey A call to arms. And antennae, branches, tentacles etc.

    Dr Price's Final Transmutation Guy Ogilvy How the Royal Society found, then lost, the secrets of alchemy

    Life from Earth: The Golem and Homunculi Gary Lachman The mystical origins of artificial life. Photography by Maud Larsson

    Robot Power, Robot Pride Ken Hollings How the robot found its self

    Should they Live: on the Use of Dead Babies Don Mader The hidden meaning of a sinister 19th century religious print

    Mould Art Discovered by Doug Harvey Beauty grows in unexpected places

    The Court of Lust John Branston Waldo Sabine: parapsychologist, poet, feminist, martyr

    Sandoz in the Rain: The Life and Art of Wilfried Sätty John Coulthart on a lost visionary hero of the psychedelic revolution

    Boris Vian for Anglophones Doug Skinner The scandalous oeuvre of the man who shocked his world

    Richard Jefferies and the Agitated Pool of Life Neil Mortimer introduces this early, apocalyptic ecologist

    Anagrams for Maya Deren Kevin Jackson Artist, film maker, voodoo priestess

    Change in a Parallel World: CFRussell, Louis Culling and the Book of Changes Steve Moore presents an eccentric history and a new I Ching

    Spirits of Place: Strange Encounters of an Anglican Kind Alan Walker How the Church of England answered The Exorcist

    One More Nightmare calling… the Heathen Robert J Wallis Loki the 'pervert god', Seidrsorcery and the Left Hand Path.Illustrations by Arik Roper and Carina Thorén

    Terror by Night: the Sleeping Partner Roger Dobson Memoirs of a hag-ridden man

    Folklore of Underground London Antony Clayton What rumours lie beneath the city's streets?

    Cesare Thodol Mark Samuels On brain fungus and other horrors. Illustrated by Betsy Heistand

    • Paperback $20.95
  • Strange Attractor Journal One

    Strange Attractor Journal One

    Mark Pilkington

    High strangeness from the acclaimed Strange Attractor anthology series.

    Contents Pilgrimage to Truth Mountain: Life Reform 1900-1920 by Alex Martin The Last Cargo Cult by Mike Jay • Sadhus, Sannyasis, Ascetic Mendicants & Renouncers by Tom Vater Herworld artworks by Cathy Ward Strange Cults and Secret Societies of Modern London by Father Alan Walker • Welcome to Disturbia by Ken Hollings • Magick Cyrkles: Glasgow Walks & Photographs by Drew Mulholland Derek Raymond & Patrick Hamilton: Drinking in London Through their Eyes by Cathi Unsworth Lost Wax: Blackpool's Passed Attraction by Cathy Ward The Craft of Ladies' Hairdressing Rediscovered by Xtina Lamb Rorschach Audio: Art & Illusion for Sound by Joe Banks • Mind the Zap: Mind Control at Greenham Common? • Helen John interviewed by John Lundberg The Return of the Old Ones: HP Lovecraft & the crisis of Modernity by Justin Woodman In Search of Terror's Degree Zero by Tom McCarthy Montague Summers, the Marquis de Sade and the Curious World of the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology by Timothy d'Arch Smith David Lindsay: Arcturus & Beyond by Mark Valentine The Myth of Punch by Eric, Count Stenbock. Introduced by David Tibet The Book of Fortunatus by Doug Skinner

    • Paperback $20.95