Natalia Martin

  • How Humans Judge Machines

    How Humans Judge Machines

    César A. Hidalgo, Diana Orghiain, Jordi Albo Canals, Filipa de Almeida, and Natalia Martin

    How people judge humans and machines differently, in scenarios involving natural disasters, labor displacement, policing, privacy, algorithmic bias, and more.

    Do people perceive humans and machines equally? Or do we show systematic biases when judging machines? With dozens of original experiments, this book compares people's reactions of human and machine actions. Using scenarios involving physical harm, discrimination, offensive content, violations of privacy, and labor displacement, the authors show that—even in identical scenarios—people tend to judge human and machines differently: we judge humans by their intentions and machines by their outcomes.

    How Humans Judge Machines unpacks our biases in colorful experiments that make you think about your gut reactions. It is an invitation to revisit human righteousness in a world where we don't yet understand how we judge machines.

    Written by César A. Hidalgo, the author of Why Information Grows and coauthor of The Atlas of Economic Complexity (MIT Press), together with a team of social psychologists (Diana Orghian and Filipa de Almeida) and roboticists (Jordi Albo-Canals), How Humans Judge Machines presents a unique perspective on the nexus between artificial intelligence and society. Anyone interested in the future of AI ethics should explore the experiments and theories in How Humans Judge Machines.

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