Paul Ardenne

  • Paradiso Lussemburgo

    Paradiso Lussemburgo

    Filip Markiewicz and Paul Ardenne

    In spaces designed for fusions of dance, performance, film, karaoke, and reading, visitors to the Luxembourg Pavilion of the 56th Venice Biennale enter into the collaged headspace of artist Filip Markiewicz—Paradiso Lussemburgo. An artist whose subject is often the various projected and historical realities of Luxembourg itself, Markiewicz is well prepared to present viewers with a space to sieve through layers of projected labels (such as tax haven) and waves of immigration to speak to a blended sense of European nationality that also deftly uses the specific stage of Venice.

    This reader continues, in the words of the artist, this “new contemporary mythology of Luxembourg,” with a bilingual layering of drawings, text and analysis, exhibition views, an interview, and a film script. Paradiso Lussemburgo, a project proposed by Markiewicz and curator Paul Ardenne, creates an active theater, which the reader continues and further opens for participation.

    Copublished with MUDAM Luxemburg

    ContributorsPaul Ardenne, Josée Hansen, Ingo Niermann

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