Paul E. Gray

  • Dynamic Behavior of Thermoelectric Devices

    Paul E. Gray

    This book is the first published report that investigates the small-signal dynamic behavior of thermoelectric devices.

    Exact analysis of thermoelectric heat pumps and generators is difficult because these devices are described by differential equations that contain product-type nonlinearities. But since the dynamic behavior of these devices is of interest principally as a consequence of the requirement for control of the device, much useful information can be obtained by a small-signal analysis.

    This approach permits the treatment of linear models that describe the small-signal dynamic behavior of the devices. Analysis of these models produces a nu,ber of small-signal transfer-functions that can be used either to compute the response of devices in the time-domain. The results of this analysis can also be used to evaluate can also be used to evaluate the quantitative effect of the materials and device parameters on the dynamic behavior of devices.

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  • Mind and Hand

    Mind and Hand

    The Birth of MIT

    Julius A. Stratton and Loretta H. Mannix

    The intellectual heritage of MIT: an account of "the flow of ideas" about science and education that shaped the Institute as it emerged and that inspires it today.

    The motto on the seal of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Mens et Manus"—"mind and hand"—signals the Institute's dedication to what MIT founder William Barton Rogers called "the most earnest cooperation of intelligent culture with industrial pursuits." Mind and Hand traces the ideas about science and education that have shaped MIT and defined its mission—from the new science of the Enlightenment era and the ideals of representative democracy spurred by the Industrial Revolution to new theories on the nature and role of higher education in nineteenth-century America. MIT emerged in mid-century as an experiment in scientific and technical education, with its origins in the tension between these old and new ideas.

    Mind and Hand was undertaken by Julius Stratton after his retirement from the presidency of MIT and continued by Loretta Mannix after his death; Philip N. Alexander, of the MIT Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, stepped in to complete the project. The combined efforts of these three authors have given us what Julius Stratton envisioned—"a coherent account of the flow of ideas" from which MIT emerged.

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