Philipp Kleinmichel

Philipp Kleinmichel is a philosopher and cultural theorist.

  • The Art of Direct Action

    The Art of Direct Action

    Social Sculpture and Beyond

    Karen van den Berg, Cara Jordan, and Philipp Kleinmichel

    Reflections, analysis, and debates address the shift in artistic practice from representation to direct social action.

    One of the most significant shifts in contemporary art during the past two decades concerns artists and collectives who have moved their artistic focus from representation to direct social action. This book shows why this transition might change our understanding of artistic production in general and make us reconsider the role of art in society. The Art of Direct Action gathers internationally recognized artists, scholars, and experts in the field of socially engaged art to reflect upon historical developments in this field and explore the role that German artist Joseph Beuys's concept of social sculpture played in its evolution. The contributions provide theoretical reflections, historical analysis, and critical debates about exemplary socially engaged art projects since the 1970s, examining the strategies, opportunities, and failures of this practice.


    Karen van den Berg, Mary Jane Jacob, Cara Jordan, Grant Kester, Philipp Kleinmichel, Kuda Production, Daniel Joseph Martinez, Marina Naprushkina, Dan Peterman, Rainer Rappmann, Pedro Reyes, John Roberts, Gregory Sholette, Caroline Tisdall, Anton Vidokle, Caroline Woolard

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