Sahil Jai Dutta

Sahil Jai Dutta is Lecturer in Political Economy and has published with the Institute for Public Policy Research, Transnational Institute, Open Democracy, and New Socialist.

  • Unprecedented?


    How COVID-19 Revealed the Politics of Our Economy

    William Davies, Sahil Jai Dutta, Nick Taylor, and Martina Tazzioli

    A critical and evidence-based account of the COVID-19 pandemic as a political–economic rupture, exposing underlying power struggles and social injustices.

    Unprecedented? tells the story of the COVID-19 pandemic as one of political–economic rupture, where the basic fabric of economic and political rules was torn up and underlying power struggles and social injustices were exposed. Focusing on the case of Britain, but with lessons for all countries, this book offers a critical and evidence-based account of unprecedented events.

    In early 2020, many of the most basic building blocks of capitalism were transformed in a matter of weeks, thanks to the novel coronavirus. Workplaces and schools were closed, governments took on unprecedented debt, and new technologies had to be rapidly procured and rolled out in an effort to achieve control over the pandemic. Meanwhile, lurking inequalities—of class, race, gender, and geography—were deepened and exposed in new ways, and populations became dependent on murky alliances between states and corporate contractors. Exceptional profits were reaped by some, while large sections of society teetered on the edge of destitution and despair.

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